Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

If you are looking into getting an Amazon affiliate store added to your website, you should firstly ask yourself if you really do need it? Even though these Amazon stores can be a time saver, they may not necessarily be what you need in your niche. This article will address the reasons for why an Amazon store would benefit you How to make money on Amazon.A Very Brief History of Amazon: The Everything Store | IE

Save Time – Adding an Amazon affiliate store is very easy. All the step-by-step information can be found within the Amazon Associates area. If you find this is still not straight-forward enough then you can always look for videos on websites such as YouTube which show you exactly how the process works. A great alternative way to learn if you are more of a visual learner.

Payment arrangements – When you become part of the Amazon associates program you are granted access to all of its e-commerce facilities, tools and other resources. This is a huge advantage if you do not want to dedicate numerous hours either hiring someone to do a shopping store for you, or if you have the skills, doing it yourself. With an Amazon Affiliate store the process is pretty much plug and play.

Brand recognition – Unlike trying to promote products that may not be known by your visitors, Amazon has built its reputation and brand of being a trusted service. It is this trust that will make your Amazon stores much more effective than if you were trying to promote a dog training book by ‘Joe Blog’. Think about it, if you had both options available to you, which one would you trust more?

Multiple purchase opportunities – The Amazon affiliate program provides a great incentive. When a visitor clicks on one of your links and is directed to the Amazon website a cookie is stored within their computer which is used to identify that visitor as your referral. Sure that is good and all, but what is even better is that if your same referral decides to purchase ten more products, then you earn commissions on those products as well. This is a fantastic feature that Amazon integrates within their affiliate program and definitely something that should be strongly considered for your online Amazon store.

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