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Most people think that Assurity Life insurance Company is one of the newer companies founded in the united states. Those people however, are completely wrong because what they don’t know is that this company has been helping people like them for over one hundred years! It was in the year 1997 that Assurity was presented as the subsidiary of Woodmen Accident and Life Company Life insurance company (a firm that was established in Lincoln, Nebraska in the year 1890. These two companies acted together until the year 2001 when another “old” company was brought to their ranks.Insurance BPO | Insurance Outsourcing Services | WNS

It was this year that Lincoln Direct Life insurance Company (founded in the year 1896) joined the other two and the company became known as Assurity Life insurance Company. Instead of staying stable the company continued is upward momentum and in the year 2005, Security Financial Life insurance Company (founded in the year 1895) joined Assurity to establish Assurity Security Group Incorporated. It was not until the year 2007 that the two companies completely merged and continued with the name Assurity Life insurance Company.

Accidents and early deaths are part of every culture. In this country people die everyday and since nobody knows when judgment day is to come; one must be prevented at all times. For this reason the insurance industry has increased drastically in the last couple of years. More and more Americans have turned their attention this business and have started looking around for the best life insurance company possible.

Assurity Life insurance has continued to grow and it is focused on individuals, families and small businesses. They strive to provide them with excellent services, customer service experiences and flexible policies. The company prides itself in two important achievements they have made in recent years: they received one of the highest rates for life insurance companies by the well known rating company A. M. Best, and they have expanded so much that they just now passed the goal of over $2 billion in assets. With demand for products that will help customers in the late run, Assurity has also expanded to offering other services and not just life insurance policies. The company has started to also offer long term care for people of age that cannot pay for their healthcare, disability income for people who become disabled and cannot pay bills, critical illness and annuities.

In the life insurance portion of the company, Assurity prides itself in offering three types of life insurance policies that are very well received by the public. Perhaps the most famous life policy in their ranks is the Term life. Term life insurance has distinguished itself from the other two, in that it is not permanent. In other words, a policy holder is only covered for the amount of time specified in the policy. It is important to note that at the moment of purchase a policy holder will have to choose the amount of time he wants to be covered (ten, twenty, or even thirty years) and the amount of life insurance they want to purchase (examples of these are $200, 000 and $250, 000). Because this type of life insurance policy shapes to what the policy holder needs at the time, it is very liked by customers trying to buy life insurance. This policy is also good for the people that want to pay the lowest premiums, because since the policy is temporary; the premiums wont be as high.

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