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It is an element in trace form that in the past was thought to be vital to good health. It is now identified as a mineral that is essential and is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants remove free radicals, products of our metabolism, from the body. If free radicals do not get neutralized, they damage our cells , causing rapid aging, weak immune function , and eventually cancer.

In our body, selenium is used to manufacture selenoproteins. They are powerful antioxidant enzymes that help to safeguard our body from aging, help us tolerate the effects of stress and fight certain cancers. Stress in the body is a trigger for increased creation of free radicals. Selenium assists us in coping with stress better by cleaning up these extra by products. It also plays a role in the formation of a protein that inhibits the growth of tumors. In various studies, selenium has been identified as a powerful cancer fighting compound.

Selenium also helps control the healthy thyroid function. People liposomal trace mineral selenium supplement with a deficiency of iodine are often prescribed selenium to help them. The thyroid is a crucial component of our immune system as it is the place where immune cells get mature. They are a form of white blood cell. Selenium also aids our body in the creation of white blood cells. Patients with HIV often have a deficiency of selenium because chronic immune activation weakens the immune system. Other conditions that affect the white blood cells could reduce the amount of selenium in the body. A supplement may be useful in these instances.

Selenium works with other vitamins, which are also powerful antioxidants. Selenium seems to boost the effectiveness of vitamin C which is another antioxidant, and an antioxidant that is also known for helping in boosting the immunity system. In combination with vitamin E selenium can help reduce excessive inflammation. While inflammation is a normal and beneficial response of the body, too much or chronic inflammation can be harmful. There are a variety of conditions that can be harmful, such as rheuma arthritis, lupus and even Crohn’s Disease are inflammatory disorders. Selenium may be helpful in relieving this inflammation.

Selenium is also believed to ease inflammation associated with asthma. In studies, it has been observed that many smokers suffer from low selenium levels. This could mean that selenium levels are being used to fight the inflammation caused by smoking. Smokers may consider getting a supplement to selenium.

Too much selenium can cause toxicity. While cases of selenium toxicity are rare, one must follow the instructions on any supplement with selenium and adhere to the recommended dosages. A deficiency of selenium is not the cause of illness directly but it hinders the body’s ability to cope with stress that causes illnesses. Selenium supplements are extremely beneficial for people who have poor mineral absorption like those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. The liquid supplements are extremely beneficial in these cases as the minerals are much more quickly absorbed and utilized to the extent that the human body can use them.

A quality liquid selenium supplement can help ensure that you’re getting enough selenium to maintain your immune system in top condition. People who smoke or suffer from certain illnesses should especially consider the benefits of a supplement with liquid selenium.

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