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The Internet has revolutionized our shopping habits. Many shoppers have found the convenience of purchasing online an enjoyable experience. It is easy to click and look at the item. You will have fun browsing, shopping, reading and being informed about products. There’s no need to interrupt working to fight queues, traffic and lines to purchase the perfect present for the person you wish to gift it to.
It’s no wonder Internet business made $301 billion in revenue in the year 2000, according to a University of Texas estimate.
If you look at online shopping in comparison with offline shopping, you’d think as far as security goes that offline shopping would be more secure shopping, wouldn’t it? Actually, no.
In the before, consumers were reluctant to do their shopping online . Today, the situation has dramatically changed. This confidence in the consumer directly reflects the enormous increase in sales online.
I know a person that took her on an evening with his wife at an area restaurant. This is not the type of place where you’d believe fraud on credit cards would happen. By the time he noticed the restaurant had charged him twice the amount they charged for their meal and it was too late for amazon sales rank chart pdf him to go back for dinner. He called me and we concluded that it must be an error. It was later that we found out that the reputation of the restaurant’s owner was a bit shaky. He was known to overcharge customers with the intention that they wouldn’t even notice.
I’m not sure. It’s a hilarious world we live in.
Does this mean the internet is secure? In general, yes. However, remember that the Internet is an open space and there are a few harmful components out there.
We’ve been online shopping for a long time. We’ve never had issues with fraud with credit cards on the Internet. But then again we make sure to take all precautions. From this point forward there will be 10 points online merchants need to go through in order to safeguard our businesses…
Do your credit card numbers be safe?
The most reputable companies on the internet know that among the reasons hindering customers from placing an order with them is the fact that customers have not being certain that the details of their credit cards will be secure. Responsible companies have taken this into account and have set up their system to provide customers with maximum security.
How can you tell whether you have entered your payment information on a secure page?
You will see a picture of a lock at the bottom right edge of the display. The lock appears on the page you fill in when ordering and will ensure that your name, address and credit card details are being transmitted to the online store via encrypted code. The encrypted code ensures that hackers will not be able to steal your credit card details.
Does the store online respect your privacy?
Prior to the internet days when I used order something from mail-order companies I would then be sent advertising from businesses I had not done business with. Back then I didn’t know that companies sold your personal data for marketing purposes to other companies.
The constant bombardment of junk mail was annoying but due to the costs involved, it wasn’t something that happened often. Imagine now if you do business on the internet with a business who doesn’t respect your privacy or will sell you your personal email.
The next time you open your email program, you are bombarded with emails ranging from a few dozen to hundreds. That’s not a nuisance – it’s just too much.
So moral of the story here, make sure that your email address isn’t sold. Check that the online store is affixed with an informational privacy statement that will affirm that they will safeguard your personal information with the absolute confidentiality and privacy.
Is the store online accessible via contact details?
You might think, of course an online store will display their contact information on their site. It’s a surprise. I was. There was no email address, nothing. This is a sure warning.
Companies with a good reputation will have contact details.
Do they have a return policy?
Stores that are offline have a return policy. You enter the store, pick the item, and are allowed to return it regardless of the reason. If a return policy is important in shops that are not in the physical location, it’s just the importance for online shops.
The convenience of the internet is superior to the offline world in terms of shopping However, one thing it can’t match is the fact that offline, you cannot physically touch the product. So a policy for refunds of 30 days is great, longer is better. There is no refund policy, and I’d recommend staying away.
Do they provide you with some kind of confirmation when you place your order?
If you’ve placed an order, what you need is something to inform you that they will received it, a receipt should you wish.
A reputable company will either provide you with an email or a brand new webpage on their website, which will thank you and tell you that your purchase is in order and your product is on its way.
When do they have to deliver?
What are their delivery times at during the working day? Does the delivery service take place on weekends? Can you choose a date for when you want your gift delivered? Will it be delivered personally to the person who you wish to gift it to or will the courier leave it outside their door?
How will your present be delivered?
If its flowers, will it arrive in a vase or nice box or wrapped? Do you have flower care instructions? How can you ensure that your flowers last longer?
If you’ve ordered another gift product Do they package it? In what kind of material will they send it? Do they explain these things on their website?
How long have they been in business?
This might not mean much. There are some companies that start out and go on to surpass other companies. But perhaps for your peace of mind you should go with an online store that has been in business for a while. Checking the history of the company is easy.

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