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In the past, rigs and blowtorches were widespread in the dabbing scene. It is possible to ingest cannabis concentrates using electric dab rigs, which are more modern and effective than older techniques.

Electric dabbing equipment has had a significant impact on the cannabis industry. As a bonus, they make it easier for dabbers to enjoy their favourite concentrates in moderation.

Before electronic dab rigs, dabbers utilised traditional electric enail kit dab rig. Torches were necessary for these rigs. An oil rig’s glass water pipelines typically have a metal or glass rod called a “nail.” Before inhaling the concentrates, the nail is heated using a blow torch.

What does the term “Electronic Dab Rig” mean?

For those who want to vape their marijuana, electric dab rigs or e-rigs are a convenient method of doing so.

Before the operation begins, the dabs are loaded into the dish and heated by an e-rig. The usual rig requires a torch, thus this shows that you do not need one. Because you have control over the temperature, you can dab the extracts at any desired temperature. Adds another element of intrigue to the experience

All the advantages of a standard dab rig are there in this device, as well as many more. Additionally, it allows for precise temperature control and eliminates many of the potential hazards associated with using a traditional bong. All of the possible temperature settings can be selected with a single press of a button.

What’s the best way to put it to use?

You don’t need to know rocket science to utilise electronic rigs, and they don’t even require particular training or understanding. Traditional dab rigs are easy to put together for those who have used them before.

Pressing the power button is the initial step towards utilising it. If you turn it on, you’ll need to check and modify the temperature settings. The temperature of certain electronic equipment is pre-programmed when it is shipped from the manufacturer.

By hitting the power button, you can begin heating your dish after you’ve selected the desired temperature. To enjoy your bubbles, cover the atomizer with a carb cap after ensuring that all components are correctly linked to the loading tool. Once the desired temperature is reached, empty your extracts into the bucket

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