Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

The soft, luxurious bed linens are a luxury that is definitely worth the investment. Good quality sheets last quite a long time, and, dollar for dollar, get many times more use than the majority of your clothing items. I always advise my customers to indulge in the top sheets they can afford. You deserve it. There are a lot of companies making gorgeous looking and great quality bedding.

Many people judge (and brag about) sheets solely on the number of threads it has, however, there are other aspects to consider. I am going to break it down so that you only need to look at three factors: look for:

Thread Count: This is the number of threads per square inch. The more threads, the better but it is actually set at 500. The companies who claim greater thread counts use other processes that have smaller threads, so they can claim the greater thread count on their advertising. I would suggest 200 or greater.

Materials The King is Cotton! Do not bother with sheets with polyester in them. Blended fabrics are not able to breathe or absorb moisture so they’re not as comfy. They won’t be as soft as cotton and they’ll pill. Egyptian cotton, which is soft and supple, is most comfortable option available.

Finish The fabric is then treated or finished in a variety of ways that will affect the way it feels. The processes can be quite complicated but all you need is to feel it in order to decide which one you like.

I am also thrilled to learn that a majority of our major firms are offering organic bedding. Cotton is unfortunately one of our most pesticide laden crops. Organic sheets may cost more, they are worth it. Particularly if a member of your family suffers from allergies or chemical sensitivities.

And always, always wash your sheets before you make use of them for the first time!

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