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Many people know that they need some type of security system put in place in order to secure their homes and their possessions. However, there are some people who have nothing to help them protect their homes from a break in, and may find themselves in a sticky situation. Perhaps if they knew what the most common items that are stolen are, then they will know how to better protect their homes and possessions.

The very first and most obvious thing that is stolen is cash. Clearly it’s the first thing the burglars look for because, well, it’s cash. If you have large amounts of cash somewhere in your home and you think it is in the best hiding spot ever, think again. Actually, think like a burglar. More than likely your best hiding spot is the most obvious one to thieves. What you need to do is get a safe, not a dinky one either; you need one that is sure to be too much of a hassle 7.62×39 ammo for sale for thieves to mess with. At the same time though, you need to be able to get into it. There are a ton of different safes out there, electric lock ones, waterproof, and/or fire proof.

The next is jewelry or jewelry boxes. Burglars are looking for anything that can get them a lot of cash and fast, and jewelry is quick and easy. If you have only a few pieces of jewelry and wear them constantly, then this might not be a problem, but surely most people have a few pieces that they alternate wearing. So, what do you do with it when you’re not wearing it? Store it in jewelry box? Leave it out in a little bowl? Well, this is the easiest way for your stuff to be stolen. Any pricey jewelry that you have and don’t wear on a regular basis should be in a personal safe or a safety deposit box in the bank. You can store it where ever you want, but the best would be in one of those two.

Guns are also a very popular item that is stolen during a home invasion. Although guns may be a little difficult to sell, there are still ways to sell them on black markets and other means. These are always an easy target especially if you leave your guns and ammo out in the open so that anyone can get them. Even if you keep them in a safe, but don’t keep it locked, chances are you won’t have guns after an intruder leaves your home. You should always keep your guns locked up somewhere safe, especially if you have children. Some people also choose to keep their ammo separate from their guns, whether you do or not is up to you but it won’t keep you gun from being stolen, just make it a little safer in your home.

These three items are normal things that are stolen from homes. There are many ways to protect your home and to protect your personal possessions one of the best things is having insurance. Yes, of course this won’t prevent someone from coming into your home, but it will help you out when and if an event like this happens. If you don’t have home insurance right now, you will want to get a quote for home insurance and make sure that the insurance policy fits all of you and your family’s needs.

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